About LaVerne

Who is LaVerne Watts Avant?

Besides being the voice behind this website, she is an outgoing, community minded, empowered woman who has been a loving daughter, wife and mother to an autistic son, aunt, family member, friend, and the author of a self-published poetry book entitled “LIFE POEMS.”  She has had Cerebral Palsy since birth and has dealt with arthritis and scoliosis among other health challenges but her faith has kept her moving forward. Although she now uses a motorized scooter she is determined to be as mobile as possible. It is important to press on even when some people may treat you like you should be ignored. She is a great believer in empowering people with disabilities to trust themselves to push for their own journey toward independence.

She has been viewed by her peers as a determined role model who regardless of having various challenges will not keep her from accomplishing her goals. A strong woman of faith who donates time to her church and community.

Several years were spent contributing to the websites LaVerneAroundTown.com and CraftShowsinHamptonRoads.com which dealt with various happenings all around Hampton Roads Virginia. The websites were dedicated to sharing family fun information to assist families to find budget friendly entertainment.

This PODCAST called whatsuphamptonroads takes those former websites to another level. The PODCAST will not only offer the audience the various events taking place in and around Hampton Roads but will also cover topics that we care about in our community and beyond. She is hoping to spread information to make the journey of discovering some treasures in Hampton Roads so much more fun.